Project Engineering

petrotech  engineering teams incorporate electrical & mechanical engineers . The engineering teams support gas generation project and the integration of the gas engine into your facility. Their involvement can vary from advice following the provision of a generator through to helping engineer a full turn-key generation project. The team provides input to your project from the sales stage and goes on to support the detailed engineering of your installation at the project phase.

Mechanical Engineering

petrotech Energy’s experienced mechanical engineers help to support the engineering of the mechanical elements of your plant.

Electrical Engineering

petrotech Energy employs a number of electrical engineers who specialise in the electrical elements of your project. The team is an integral component of the petrotech Energy’s engineering capabilities and are experienced in local electrical standards and requirements.


Maintenance Agreements

petrotech Energy is able to provide the highest levels of customer service and peace-of-mind along with comprehensive long-term maintenance agreements. A maintenance agreement creates a relationship with us for the life of your equipment. The majority of the gas engines we supply are serviced through a maintenance agreement.


A maintenance agreement will provide you with various advantages:

•  More predictable operating costs and risk mitigation over the life of your equipment.

•  original spare parts.

•  Integrated management

•  Guaranteed availability, subject to engines being sold and installed

•  Flexible scope of agreements, customised to your specific needs.

Overhauls, Repair & Upgrades


In order to ensure a generator has the highest levels of availability, scheduled maintenance should be completed at specific points in the operational life of the gas engine. The operational life is measured in number of actual operational hours (hours run). Each engine has a specific maintenance schedule that is be related to the quality of engine's fuel gas. For example, natural gas is cleaner and less challenging than landfill or biogas. Attendance for replacement of consumables such as oil and filters typically occurs every 1,000 - 2,000 operational hours. Scheduled intermediate services occur at 10,000 hour intervals.


Finally,  gas engine has a full overhaul at 60,000 hours of operation. At the 60,000 hour overhaul ideally the engine will be taken away from the site to be stripped down and fully serviced with specialised machinery. . If we are provided sufficient notice, a reconditioned swing engine can be brought in at the corresponding time for the engine overhaul. This provides the lowest down-time for your generation plant. Alternatively where it is not possible to remove the engine, it can be overhauled in situ. This is not an ideal situation and will take longer than using a swing-engine.


When your engine is overhauled it may be possible to upgrade all components to the latest versions. This may provide additional benefits to the customer from increased generating efficiency.

Gas Engine Monitoring

It is possible to monitor a variety of different engine performance parameters including:

•  Whether an engine is running
•  Availability (hours ran)
•  Electrical output (kW, kWh)
•  Gas quality when linked to gas detectors (CH4, O2, H2S)

It is also possible to provide trends in historical engine performance data