High reliability and performance for natural gas, refinery, petrochemical, GTL, LNG and pipeline applications.

Covering production, gas transportation, refinery and petrochemical, fuel gas boosting and other similar processes

We provide expert on-site technical support for installation, commissioning, overhaul, repair and maintenance activities – with teams of highly skilled and experienced Field Service Engineers close to our customers in every region.

Entire Life-Cycle Maintenance

Petrotech Compressor Service  supportsits customers by providing services in the installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair and supply of spare parts for reciprocating compressors

and packages. Petrotech also offers consulting services to keep customers updated on their equipment with regular service reports and recommendations. Condition monitoring and acoustic analysis programs are put in place as part of the preventive maintenance plan to ensure life long performance of the entire compression system.


We support our compressors throughout the plant lifecycle with traditional offerings such as OEM spare parts, repairs and field services, as well as an extensive range of proactive services, including condition-based maintenance, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and highly customizable contractual service agreements (CSAs) – all to help drive customer asset value through higher equipment reliability, availability and productivity.


petrotech Repair Technology Center of Excellence in iran is constantly developing new and more advanced repair techniques for oil and gas applications. We employ the latest innovations including Advanced Welding & Brazing, ACR Cleaning and Advanced Metallurgy to ensure the highest quality restoration of parts available in the industry. resulting in repair solutions that help customers reduce costs and downtime by considerably extending the life of components in high-wear conditions

Spare parts

Using genuine parts is a best-maintenance practice and key factor in protecting and improving the availability and reliability of your rotating and static equipment over the entire lifecycle. Our parts services include e-Catalog for easy 24/7 part identification and request for quotation; inventory management for spare, interchangeable and obsolete parts; spare parts optimizing services; and lifecycle optimization for your equipment.

Field Services

Highly qualified, well-planned maintenance is fundamental in order to get consistently high performance and long life from your machinery. petrotech expert teams can be quickly mobilized to deliver the highest quality service anywhere in the world. We provide expert service for all industrial  products, including: heavy-duty and aeroderivative machinery, gas and steam turbines, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, and Speedtronic control panels. Our Field Engineers are also supported by the specialized resources of our Engineering Division for more detailed analysis of field data, additional evaluation of maintenance alternatives, and various other optimization procedures. This level of advanced engineering support makes the difference between satisfactory and exceptional results.