Turbomachinery Controls improve output while reducing operating costs

Turbomachinery Controls of Petrotech helps to maximize operability and maintainability, thereby improving output while reducing operating costs.


  1. Experienced engineers with in-depth turbo machinery and process knowledge
  2. We deliver improved performance, operability and maintainability
  3. State-of-the-art hardware/software and transparent programming
  4. Single point of contact for turbine and compressor maintenance and controls keeps downtime to an absolute minimum
  5. Service includes design and implementation of interfaces
  6. Customised control packages
  7. Individual component replacements
  8. Integrated control solutions for turbine generators and turbo-compressors
  9. Controls and actuation system retrofits

Operating and maintaining turbo machinery involves numerous tasks which are often performed manually These include start‑up/shutdown sequencing, monitoring of critical parameters and running behavior, parameter trending and caring for older or even obsolete hydraulic and mechanic controls.
Petrotech Turbo Machinery Controls takes care of these time-consuming and error‑prone tasks. For both turbine and compressor controls, we identify your requirements and provide the optimum controls package.
For both turbine and compressor controls we supply, install and commission DCS- and PLC-based governors, sequencing and monitoring solutions. Digital protection and condition monitoring can be integrated if required. Further benefits in operability and maintainability can be achieved by controlling all machines in one train with our integrated controls solutions.

Our work is based on in-depth turbo-machinery equipment and process knowledge, and our controls business is an integral part of the turbo machinery service organization. Our controls engineers handle turbo machinery commissioning and troubleshooting, including interface (hydraulics/sensorics) design and realization, in many cases together with service tasks.


A Petrotech control retrofit extends the useful life of turbine sand compressors, which may be limited by obsolete hydraulic or electronic equipment.


  1. Customised control packages to meet your needs and standards
  2. Turbine governors
  3. Compressor controls
  4. Machine protection
  5. Vibration, machine and process monitoring solutions
  6. Open-loop controls
  7. Integrated electrical machinery controls and protection
  8. MCC
  9. Integrated controls solutions for turbine generators and turbo-compressors
  10. Commissioning and training

Traditionally, turbine and compressor controls were often implemented as separate components and systems for specific functions such as:

  1. Closed-loop controls (turbine governor, anti-surge controller)
  2. Open-loop controls (startup and shutdown sequencing, change of operating mode)
  3. Monitoring (process parameters and running behavior, including alarm logging and trending)
  4. Protection

In this situation monitoring was manual and occasional, leaving the machine unattended for most of the time and making the detection of slow deterioration or minor changes difficult. Petrotech control retrofits make use of the high performance and integration of today’s automation systems. The accuracy and dynamics of modern technology reduce process aberrations and allow operating limits to be maintained with reduced margins. Automatic sequencing reduces transient times and increases operational safety. Protection systems are selected based on risk assessment. Redundancies can be designed to reduce unscheduled shutdowns or safety constraints by protection malfunction.

Integration of all tasks into one automation system allows continuous monitoring and timed alarm logging, while reducing the need for human intervention. Operator interfaces can be multiple, local, control room or even remote.

Petrotech control retrofits use industry-standard components for electronics, hydraulics and sensorics. Our transparent programming means customers don’t have to live with black boxes. Optionally, we can provide engineering software or remote engineering support.

Integrated Turbomachinery Control Solutions

Petrotech Integrated Turbomachinery Control Solutions contribute to asset operability and maintainability by:

  1. Reducing the diversity and number of components
  2. Putting all associated equipment on a common, transparent operator interface, control and engineering platform

Petrotech provides Integrated Turbomachinery Control Solutions for:

  1. Turbine generators
  2. Turbine-driven compressor trains
  3. Motor-driven compressor trains
  4. Turbine–motor/generator compressor trains

Integrating the automation of various components of one asset can easily be carried out during retrofits, even if the equipment to be controlled is from different manufacturers.