Condition monitoring with Petrotech

Machine Monitoring measures and analyzes the mechanical condition and performance of machinery units, based on vibration measurements and other machine parameters. Machine Monitoring provides both protection and diagnostics for critical machinery, as well as condition monitoring and analyzing tools for the predictive maintenance of auxiliary machinery. Online machine condition monitoring enables 24/7 monitoring, thus providing the fastest possible way to act on problems and to secure safe sailing, protect assets and increase working environment safety.

DNA Machine Monitoring can work as a fully integrated application in the petrotech automation platform or as a stand-alone system.

Petrotech  condition monitoring solutions produce the real-time machine health information you need for effective planning and scheduling of maintenance operations.

With over 30 years experience in online condition monitoring, Petrotech has the equipment and skills required to get the best results. Both online and route-based vibration analysis solutions and services are easily customized to individual requirements according to process area, location or specific measuring and analytical skills required.

Condition Monitoring is More Than Just Data Collection

It sounds simple - routine monitoring of your rotating equipment results in data necessary for deriving information about the condition of your equipment. But if the data isn’t accurate, your analysis won’t be either. If you can’t acquire data in a timely manner, you’ll miss early warnings of developing problems. Emerson’s condition monitoring solutions are specific to the application and criticality of your machines, and deliver data you can count on for accurate diagnosis of machinery condition.

All you need

Petrotech’s exceptional mix of skills with pulp and paper making, energy production and industrial automation applications provide a unique background for the development of machine condition measurements and analysis techniques. 

We have a full range of products and services for the successful implementation of condition monitoring from standalone or integrated systems to portable analysis tools.

Condition Monitoring Solutions

Portable, route-based analyzers offer accurate data collection and trouble shooting in the field.

Collect data from more locations, remote locations, and hazardous locations using wireless vibration transmitters

When unexpected downtime can shutdown production, online condition monitoring provides 24/7 insight to development problems

Simplifying asset prediction, protection and process control for the power generation and water/wastewater industries.