Power generation

Forward-thinking power generation

Utilizing conventional and renewable energy sources efficiently

Urbanization, scarce resources, and climate change: Wherever we look, global challenges are spurring a demand for increasingly efficient power generation products, solutions, and services. Trends like digitalization open up a variety of opportunities within the energy business.

Harness the potential of change. Gain competitive advantages – with the help of our in-depth expertise and state-of-the-art products and services. With these, we are helping our customers to successfully meet their challenges. Whether we’re talking about conventional or renewable energy: We know every market environment and their particular economic and ecological requirements. Put your trust in forward-thinking power generation from Siemens – worldwide.

Products and solutions supporting a reliable, affordable, and efficient power supply

Gas turbines

We offer the complete service of  gas turbines range in power generation and mechanical drive applications  

Steam turbines

We are setting standards for steam-based power production.


Power plant solutions

We optimize our power plant technologies for your needs. From decentralized industrial applications to heavy duty power plants.

Gas and diesel engines

High efficiency and low emissions gas and diesel engines designed for various applications

Support and services

Let us answer your questions and support you in everything related to power generation – simply and quickly. 

Power up your business

Industrial steam turbines

The heart of every power plant

Steam Turbines are an essential piece of turbomachinery to many power plants worldwide. They are applied either as a generator drive or a mechanical drive for pumps and compressors. The modular design concept of all steam turbines ensures high flexibility, availability and a reduction of time-to-market.

Best-in-class solutions for efficient power generation

When you consider that they can also be available in the fastest cycle times, they're the most competitive answer to your needs.

Power Plants – Tailored to your Needs

As one of the world’s leading OEM-EPC providers, petrotech  has experience in the construction of turnkey power plants. petrotech power plants stand for extremely high efficiency levels, low emissions and state-of-the art technology.

Our customer value promise

As a strong partner, we can create lasting value for your power generation, and help you operate your power plants with maximum cost efficiency throughout the entire life cycle.


We are your trusted partner for power plant solutions. With our regional presence, we can leverage lasting value for you in your specific market and business.


we offer you solutions at the highest quality level, health and safety standards and at competitive prices.

Power your plant & power your business

Competitive advantages for your plant

The complete Power & Process Automation portfolio is aimed at realizing competitive advantages for your plant and entire fleet. Holistic solution approaches for the critical infrastructure “behind the scenes” of your power plant boost availability, flexibility and profitability of power generation – over the entire lifecycle, with the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs.

For decades now, we have been creating the most profitable power plants and plants with the highest performance in the world. The crucial lever for achieving this is the ability to control power plants with precision, and to activate hidden performance reserves while protecting the environment and maximizing useful service life.

Perfect for all types of power plants