Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA)

Long term service agreements (LTSA) are becoming key factors in determining the success for rotary machines. Performance-based long-term service agreements offer reliable plant maintenance solutions to help you manage the through-life costs of your rotating equipment. Clearly-defined performance indicators and managed risk transfer ensure that you only pay for solutions benefitting your operations.


Petrotech offers long-term service agreements to help you control maintenance costs at your plant. We can provide service for your gas turbines, compressors, gas engines, driven equipment and balance of plant. Correct maintenance of the rotating equipment within your process is key to the successful operation of your plant. Balancing operational issues with a continuous focus on your core business is a challenge. We offer flexible long-term service agreements providing a wide range of technical and commercial options.

Long Term Service Agreement:

The main issue in entering into a LTSA is defining its specifications with care. When and if original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are just invited to bid for maintenance services, they are more than likely to offer LTSAs that are the most lucrative for them. The implementation of a successful LTSA requires careful preparation and detailed invitation to bid specifications. Without careful planning and specifying what is actually needed, you may well end up with proposals which are not in line with your expectations. Different proposals might not even be comparable. This not only makes evaluation different proposals difficult but also considerably prolongs the period of contracting the services. To offer costumers all the services they may need; we have organized themselves to be present in the market as suppliers of related services such as those of operating the machines and providing for their maintenance. This service activity includes the so called Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) which usually last several years and offed the costumer five main benefits:

1-   The costumer knows in advance how much maintenance will cost, eliminating uncertainty.

2-  The cost of maintenance can be linked exclusively to the annual production level (cubic meters of gas handled for gas compression station)

3- Maximizing production is the common objective of the both costumer and manufacturer, and both are recompensed in proportion to the production level: consequently, the plant will be maintained at highest efficiency and constantly update technologically, eliminating the risk of obsolescence … often the OEM shares risks and rewards with the costumer:

4-  The costumer’s personnel are kept constantly informed of new technologies introduced into the plant and trained about the equipment and its operation and maintenance.

5-  The customer is not obliged to keep and manage a spare parts warehouse with the looking up of capital this implies, and the supplier can benefit by sharing its warehouse and inventory with more than one customer.

Technical options:

Our flexible LTSA programs are suitable for a wide range of customers using rotary machines who choose a more comprehensive repairs based on a fee-for-hire/fee-for-service model with a contract term negotiated to best fit one’s operating profile. Our field service team is standing by to respond quickly in the event of an unplanned outage or emergency.

An LTSA scope may include:

-       Capital Parts and upgrades

-       Repair Services

-       Outage Services and Inspections

-       Additional Services

  1. Rotor Solutions
  2. Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
  3. Seasonal Combustion Tuning
  4. Semi- annual Borescope
  5. Compressor Solutions

Additional Technical Options:

  1. Spare parts supply

  2. Parts repairs and replacement

  3. Inspection, overhaul and maintenance of rotary machineries

  4. Electrical equipment maintenance and replacement

  5. Technical assistance or site labor for field service

  6. Project management

  7. Operations management

  8. Technical support

  9. Forced outage support

  10. Controls and instrumentation

  11. Emissions monitoring

  12. Remote condition monitoring

  13. Plant upgrade and revamp

  14. Parts life extension

Commercial options:
  1. Fee-based or menu-driven payment structures
  2. Risk and reward incentives
  3. Extended parts and repair warranties
  4. Contract and technical performance guarantees

Petrotech provides condition-based maintenance agreements to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our skilled workforce is an asset at your disposal.

As we recognize how important time is to your business, we strive to provide faster and shorter service cycles. With our time management in supplying spare parts and wide range of maintenance services and overhaul of rotary machineries we are with you.