Condition-Based Maintenance Agreements

Petrotech is a customer-focused business with wide-ranging technical expertise. Our maintenance agreements ensure you achieve the maximum life and value from your plant.


We provide condition-based maintenance agreements to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our skilled workforce is an asset at your disposal.

These condition-based maintenance agreements can include single or multiple services. We provide technical support; plant upgrades; overhaul; renovation and refurbishment for your gas turbines, compressors, gas engines and driven equipment; and balance of plant (BOP) services. We are here to support the correct operational of your machines with a variety of services:

  1. Warranty extension programs
  2. Preventive maintenance
  3. Corrective maintenance support
  4. Guaranteed back-up machines
  5. Full Servicing on request

It is also possible to combine these services. If you would more information or advice, please contact us.

To ensure your rotary machine works perfectly foe many years, we recommend to start a combined maintenance and warranty extension contract when you buy your equipment. However, when you subscribe to these services, we give you true comprehensive insurance; our contracts cover parts, labor and travel by our technical staff. we guarantee fast response, fantastic customer service, and provide timely parts.

Service Contracts

The availability of your own technical personnel is a significant criterion in your decision between a basic maintenance contract or a full maintenance contract with Petrotech for your service and maintenance of rotary machines. Make effective use of your own resources and purchase only the external capabilities which you really need. Our service package offers considerable flexibility for individual agreements.

We have more than 15 years of experience behind the rotary machines overhaul and services which is perfectly adjuster to customer requirements. Make your decision on which kind of preventive maintenance is the most suitable for you. Our supply and maintenance contracts are set up according to your requests and the scope of performance is appropriately structured. We will take over the maintenance according to the operating manual, as well as unforeseen repairs during the contract period, general inspection, replacement parts, etc.

Our preventive maintenance contracts offered by petrotech include a wide range of options, such as inspections and mechanical and electrical adjustments. This predictive maintenance is adapted to each rotary machines and part of equipment owned by customer, and consists in the execution of a series of actions directed at either reducing or eliminating the most common and important breakdowns on gas turbines, engines and compressors, and preventive deterioration. Finally, as seasoned Oil & Gas project development attorneys, we have for many years helped our clients structure, draft, and negotiate short and long-term agreements for the operation and maintenance (including routine maintenance and/or major maintenance) of their facilities.

Maximizing your value

Our service agreements improve your uptime. They offer:

  1. Repairs of all types
  2. Parts supply
  3. Parts management
  4. rotary machineries Inspection
  5. overhaul and maintenance of rotary machineries
  6. Outage and field services
  7. Site labor
  8. Technical support
  9. Remote monitoring
  10. Project management
  11. Controls and instrumentation

Commercial options include:

  1. Fee-based or menu-driven payment structures
  2. Risk and reward incentives
  3. Extended parts and repair warranties
  4. Contract and technical performance guarantees

Petrotech is a customer-focused business with wide-ranging technical expertise. Our maintenance agreements ensure you achieve the maximum life and value from your plant.Offers solutions tailored to your specifications, allowing you to make informed decisions while weighing the impact on your budget.

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