Engineering & Consulting Services

Engineering and Consulting Services for rotary machineries is to bring a user’s/owner’s perspective to address all as aspects of the service and repair cycle include engineering, inspections, troubleshooting, procurement and construction.

Our Consulting Services

We consult in area such as process and mechanical performance, maintenance, reliability, fitness-for- service and troubleshooting. We pride ourselves on enabling each client to overcome the challenges they face in getting products to market faster and provide consulting services in the repair and maintenance of rotary machines in the field of oil and gas.   

Our consulting team is split into the items listed below and we assign at least one person from each group to each project. This allows us to optimize resources, set realistic project deadlines and keep within budget. Our goal is to become a seamless extension of your internal engineering team.

-       Inspection of rotating machinery

-       Troubleshooting

-       Supply oil and gas products

-       Thermodynamic analysis

-        Manufacturing parts

-       Increase the length of services

-       Condition monitoring

-       Remote services

-       Root Cause Analysis

Most of the major problems that result in the failure or complete stope of rotary machines can be predicted and prevented by using reports of how the machines operates, routine inspection and some tests. We are ready to give you our knowledge and experience to increase the productivity and lifetime of equipment and machines.

 Quick troubleshooting and root cause analysis of rotary machinery problems, enables you to knowing the most suitable services and avoid similar problems of machines in the future. Our engineering and consulting team are ready to provide the most suitable solution to the problems of all rotary machines.

We can also support you with our remote service. Since the beginning of remote services, Petrotech was working with the new media, and offered it to the customers. We’re going to help you as quick as possible. Petrotech knowledge based on experience of the last years in the field of supplying essential oil and gas products and consulting of rotary machines overhaul and services are ready to help the oil and gas industry of our beloved country. Our service is fast and will increase the availability of your machines. In only a few minutes, we can operate on your machine and locate the problem. Are you ready to increase lifetime of your machine, then contact us now