AVL (Approved Vendor List)

Professional purchasers who access to high quality equipment are among their common needs, evaluate suppliers of products and services to provide and approved vendor list. This method helps customers have access to the quality products as soon as possible. This list which is known as AVL allows vendor list owner companies to control procurement process of their EPC contractor and they must be purchase just from approved companies.


For enterprise purchases in most industrial companies and large projects with a large volume of purchases, the employer provides a list of suppliers that are qualified in some criteria and have passed the approval process of that organization. This list is called AVL (Approved Vendor List) and most of industrial companies are familiar with this concept or even are members of some vendor lists. Petrotech is proud to receive the membership in the vendor list of the National Iranian Oil Company and National Iranian Gas Company. Right now, Petrotech name as the supplier approved by the Iranian Oil Ministry is available on the website of the suppliers of oil products at the address ep.mop.ir

AVL membership process:

In order to be listed on the vendor list of National Iranian Oil and Gas Company, in the first stage, the supplier must provide complete information to employer such as established advertisements, equipment list, list of contracts, filling out vendor list forms, etc. in the next step, the supplier must provide the appropriate facilities and capabilities in the cases that the employer considers. The assessment criteria of this section are evaluated by the employer’s inspections in the presence visits such as the number of employees, the area of warehouses or the factory, the certificates, approvals and standards, devices and equipment, the organization chart, etc. Each of these criteria is awarded in the assessment of a score and at the end of the final score is given to the supplier which can have one of the following three conditions:

  1. Accept (final confirmation and supplier placement in the AVL)
  2. Disapproved (refusal of supplier)
  3. Provisional confirm (there are some problems in some criteria that need to be rectify and then re-evaluated)

After providing the necessary documentation and certifications, companies that have the ability to be at the appropriate level for the inspectors.

AVL benefits:

  1. Participation in tenders of oil and gas subsidiary companies
  2. Eliminating barriers to cooperating with large companies and heavy projects in the field of oil and gas
  3. It is possible to increase the volume of profits significantly (because large companies and large projects will procure their needed products through the member companies of AVL list)
  4. Remove Mediators


 Warehouse is one of the requirements of suppliers to be listed on the AVL list. As a major supplier of oil and gas equipment and rotary machine spare parts, Petrotech has a warehouse over than 3500 square meters.


Petrotech has been able to obtain international certifications and membership in some national associations in the course of developing and providing high quality services for our customers. Some of these certifications are listed below:

  1. BS EN ISO9001: 2015 – Quality Management System
  2. BS EN ISO14001:2015 - Environmental Management Systems
  3. BS OHSAS 18001:2007 – occupational Health and Safety Management
  4. ISO/TS 29001 :2010 – Petroleum. Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries
  5. Integrated Management system (IMS)
  6. Health Safety Environmental Management System (HSE-MS)

Contract Certificates:

  1. Contractor Competency – Gas Turbine: SIEMENS EM85
  2. Contractor Competency – Gas Engine: WARTSILA 20V 34SG, 16V 32SG, 12V 32SG


  1. Iranian Society Mechanical Engineers (ISME)
  2. Iranian Society Instrument and Control Engineers (ISICE)
  3. Iran Maintenance Association
  4. Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture