Rotary Machine Parts

When repairing turbomachinery equipment, parts may need to be replaced in order to restore your equipment and optimize its performance. With more than a decade of knowledge and experience in the field of supplying spare parts for rotary machines, we have become specialist in our field. We have the best engineers in order to make sure that our customers receive the best possible services.


Repair and Replacement of Gas Turbine Parts

While our repair processes focus on lifetime extension, some parts must be replaced in order to restore your equipment and optimize performance. Petrotech has extensive experience in supply of gas turbine’s spare parts with the quality of the manufacturing and assurance original products in the shortest time. Spare parts supplied by Petrotech cover a wide range of parts from the smallest components to the basic parts of the gas turbine and including blades, vanes, liner, hot-gas casings, valves, nozzles, sleeves, gaskets, etc. We also have the ability to make changes in the design of some spare parts based on the engineering and specific customer needs.

As a turbine spare parts supplier we emphasize the importance to offer our customers a wide assortment of high quality products at competitive rates with short lead time. Some of gas turbine manufacturers that petrotech has previously supported to its customers with spare parts include:

  1. Rolls Royce
  2. General Electric (GE)
  3. Siemens
  4. Solar Turbine
  5. MAN

Parts and Materials:

Petrotech is a provider supporting all parts, repairs and service needs to maintain your gas turbine operating properly.

Capital Parts:


  1. Liners/Baskets (Diffusion and Low NOx)
  2. Transition Pieces and Ducts
  3. Fuel Nozzles (Diffusion and Low NOx)
  4. Flow Sleeves

 Turbine Parts:

  1. Blades and Vanes (Turbine)
  2. Nozzles and Vanes (Turbine)
  3. Shrouds/Ring Segments


  1. Blades
  2. Stator Vanes/Discs
  3. Inlet Guide Vanes/Variable Stator Vanes

 Other Turbine Hardware:

  1. Couplings
  2. Bearings
  3. Seals/Oil Deflectors
  4. Enclosure System Parts
  5. Exhaust System Parts
  6. Casings/Support Rings/Retaining Rings

Repair and Replacement of Compressor Parts

Whit our comprehensive network of rotary machine spare parts suppliers, you can have access to wide range of compressor spare parts. We provide comprehensive solutions based on your needs and requirements. Sometimes you need some parts for your machine that it isn’t make by original manufacturer currently. Our reverse- engineering process allows us to produce parts without original drawing. Typical replacement parts include:

  1. Impellers
  2. Diffusers
  3. Diaphragms
  4. Axial flow compressor blades
  5. Gaskets
  6. Screw compressor rotors
  7. Shaft
  8. Balance drums
  9. Sleeves
  10. All other compressor components

After years of experience communication with well-known manufacturers we can supply thousands of replacement parts for industrial gas compressors. We can offer you all critical spare parts of OEM quality and standards. We are leading supplier and exported of compressor replacement spare parts like connecting rod, bearings and bushes, cross rod/small end bush, cross heads, piston, piston rods, piston assembly, suction & discharge valves, tube bundle assembly, cylinder head stands, crank case assembly, main bearings, big end bearings, ring and packing, oil seal rings, etc.

Repair and Replacement of Engine Parts

Having the correct spare parts is critical to minimizing downtime on your engine. That’s why, Petrotech offers the largest inventory on the spare parts with the excellent service and comprehensive knowledge needed to ensure you have the high parts for your engine. From small (2000 OPH) to medium size maintenance intervals (30,000/40,000 OPH), Petrotech provides tailored spare parts packages for your gas engine.

We offer gas engine components exclusively developed and designed by the original manufacturers for the aim of improving the life time of spare parts as well as the overall engine performance. Having an office in Europe and communicated to original manufacturer, has been able us to supply spare parts and provide service and repair of all types of gas engines.


  1. OEM quality: As a supplier of original equipment, Petrotech ensure the optimal performance, reliability, and durability of supplied spare parts.

  2. Complete solution: Petrotech can supply wide range of spare parts packages provide you with everything you need for the maintenance outage.
  3. Timely delivery: Providing parts and services in the shortest time possible and customers satisfaction have always been one of the honors petrotech. You have access to your gas engine spare parts in shortest time with us.

In cooperation with our partners, we are capable of refurbishing and upgrading engine components, regardless of the brand. Our skilled sales and product support team recognize all aspects of the gas engine business. Whatever the application, we have the experience to provide solutions for your commercial and technical challenges.