Rotary Machine Tools

Petrotech has the turbine tools used by our maintenance crews to inspection, repair and maintenance of rotary machines and reduce downtime during an outage or turnaround. We are able to reassemble and assemble a variety of rotary machines by use of our general and special tools


All tools that require for disassembly or that appear to have been in service for a long period of time, are available in our workshop. This package included of wide range of tools such as General tools, Power tools and Special tools.

Part of the special tools that is available in our workshop is:

  1. Taper Gauges
  2. Bridge Micrometers
  3. Stud Protractor
  4. Chain Indicator
  5. Tooth Scraper
  6. Brass Wedges
  7. Alignment
  8. Tight Wire Bracket
  9. Taps, Dies, Eyebolts
  10. Sockets
  11. FEM Tools
  12. Busters
  13. Hex Head Drivers
  14. Wrenches
  15. Stud Removal
  16. Bolt Heaters
  17. Speed Heaters


 At the present Petrotech turbomachinery Services Workshop stands on over 5000 square meters’ land area with 4000 square meters building; workshop space 3600 square meters, workshop height 15m, Office space 400 meters, overhead crane capacity 40T, electricity 1 MW, and supported by the staffs with quality goods and facilities. Our workshop in Ahwaz gives us the opportunity to repair a wide range of rotary machines. Petrotech Services part, can offer alternative solutions for rotating equipment repairs and maintenance with cost effective and excellent quality.