Oil & Gas Parts Supply

Oil and Gas Supply, Petrotech offers the best solutions for all your procurement needs. We are able to supply and distribute a broad range of pipes, valves, fittings, flanges, accessories, measurements, controllers, and other equipment for the oil and gas industry from all brand or manufacturer requested by our client. We have many years of experience in product specification, bid tabulation, procurement, contract administration, scheduling, expediting, application, engineering, project management, coordination and system integration.  Give us the opportunity to serve you, we will go beyond your expectations.


Products supplied by our company are fully certified by the original Manufacturer. We cooperate closely with manufacturers and one of key Account Managers will be in contact with them regarding your inquiry. The technical support provided comes directly from the source, in several different languages. We offer original products from manufacturers with full supported price and quality. Complete warranty coverage and direct contact to the manufacturer are also provided. Based on the knowledge and experience of several years, Petrotech has the readiness to supply the various types of equipment used in Oil and Gas filed from well-known manufacturers.

Sensor Systems:

Using sensor systems, you can monitor virtually every parameter with the extreme environment sensors necessary to provide detailed information on equipment condition. This diagnostic tools help users with prognostics needed to turn data into explicit maintenance actions and monitoring into active management of system condition. Meggitt is the one of the best manufacturer that offers a variety of wide range of sensor system and we are pleased to be able to provide different types of Meggitt’s equipment as a direct business partner.  Some of products of this company you can choose:


One of the well-known high reliability accelerometers of Meggitt Products is Vibro-Meter that are typically several times greater than competitor’s products. Some accelerometers, such as the Vibro-Meter CA series, operate in the charge mode and work in the most severe and highest temperature environments, while others, such as the CE sensor series, include integrated electronics and are hence more economical and simpler to integrate.

Pressure Sensor:

Meggitt’s dynamic pressure sensors lead the industry in combustion monitoring, provide a complete retrofit combustion monitoring system and the CP series from the Vibro-Meter line and the 522 series from the Endevco line, are qualified by most major gas turbine manufacturers for combustor pulsation monitoring and offer the highest reliability in the extreme temperature of modern gas turbine combustors.

Proximity Transducers:

Proximity- Transducers are eddy current transducers, of contactless measurements of relative vibration or axial displacement in turbine, alternators, turbo-compressors and centrifugal pumps. We can provide a wide variety of Meggitt’s instrument and most any proximity transducer currently.

Velocity Sensors:

The CV sensors series measure velocity directly, enabling ultra low-noise monitoring at low frequencies.

Barriers for explosion proof sensor chains:

Almost many Meggitt sensors are certified to be explosion proof and designs for safe operation by eliminating potential sources of ignition. This solution includes galvanic separation units, which power the sensors while isolating them in hazardous areas.

Oil & Gas Processing:

No-one understands print circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs) like Heatric. This manufacturer designs and manufactures compact diffusion bonded heat exchanger for use in a wide range of gas and light hydrocarbon liquids processing. By combining the thermal effectiveness of a plate-type unit with the temperature and pressure capabilities of Shell-and- tube heat exchanger, Heatric’s PCHEs provide the highest possible integrity. Petrotech as a close business partner of Heatric can provide you a wide range types of heat exchangers to our client.

Shell and Tubes Heat Exchanger:

The shell and tube heat exchanger is made up of a bundle of parallel heat exchanger tubes help in place with tube sheets and placed into a shell. The heat exchange always takes place between two fluids through the heat exchangers tube wall. There are quite a variety of flow options for shell and tube heat exchangers which you can have access to any types you need in shortest time. Heatric’s comprehensive package of customer support services stands on more than three decades of worldwide, multi-industry heat transfer experience, covering every aspect of specifying, commissioning and operating these products.

Key benefits:

  1. Able to cope with large temperature differential between fluids and rapid temperature change
  2. Up to 85% smaller and lighter than an equivalent shell and tube exchanger
  3. Multi process streams can be incorporated into a single unit
  4. Pressure capability above 600 bar (9000 psi)
  5. Robust construction improves safety in hazardous environment
  6. High thermal effectiveness of more than 98% in a single unit
  7. Extreme temperature capability, from cryogenic to 900⁰C
  8. Available in a range of corrosion-resistant materials


 In oil and gas industry, the flow of liquids and gases must be measured during every phase of exploration, production and transportation. These applications demand the highest flow meter accuracy and reliability, as well as long –term stability and a low cost of ownership. Petrotech offers the broadest products that used in upstream operations offshore and onshore activities. Our direct connection to the main sources through the Petrotech offices in Europe allows you to access and supply the original product in the shortest time possible.

Equipment supplied by Petrotech:

-       Rosemount:

   Delivering the broadest range of measurement and analytical technologies for process clarity and insight in the field of oil and gas. Emerson’s measurement products drive the Rosemount portfolio of quality measurement and analytical technologies to provide customers include Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow and others accessories. Emerson’s measuring equipment is one of the wide range of measuring equipment that supplied by Petrotech.

-       Siemens:

   Siemens’s innovative measuring equipment portfolio supports your business goals with a broad range of accurate and reliable devices for process. Measurements: pressure, temperature, flow, level, positioning, weighting, recording and control of virtually every industrial application. You can have quick and easy access to Siemens products with us.

-       Fluke:

   From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to calibration and quality control, Fluke tools help keep business and industry around the world. All Fluke products include Laser Levels, Laser Distance Meters, Power quality Tools, Thermometers, Thermal Cameras and Gas Detectors, Vibration and Alignment, etc. are supplied by Petrotech.

-       Others Measuring Equipment Supplied:

  1. GE Measurement Products
  2. FOX
  3. OGME
  5. ABB

Pipeline controllers: 

From system designs and individual products to technical support, Petrotech offers pressure control solutions for your unique challenges by a wide range of drilling products, control products, and pressure control products form well- known manufacturers and brands of the world. With us you can have access to wide rang of oil and gas valves types such as gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve, special valve, etc. we have supported our customers with commercial and safety advantages for their surface drilling operations, transportation and distribution of oil and gas, with a full range of wellheads and flow control equipment. Contact us to solution your procurement needs.

Oil and Gas Instrument Solutions:

We strive to meet business and performance goals. Constantly changing market dynamics and operational challenges can make it difficult. By partnering with Petrotech, you’ll have access to a vast network of automation, equipment solution, instruments and process management capabilities from the reservoir to production, through transmission and gas processing. Petrotech can help you to procurement of your operational needs for installation and operation instrumentation to run your facility at its full potential. You will have access to the necessary measuring, control and monitoring equipment in the field of oil, gas and energy in the shortest time.