Emergency Breakdown Services

In case of an emergency breakdown, Petrotech can mobilize teams of specialists to provide field service for rotary machines such as turbine, compressor and engine. Our staff can be at your site as soon as possible with fully-equipped tool containers to provide repair services for turbomachinery, generators, turbines, compressors, or motors.


The mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers in the field service group have experience across a broad range of brands and types of turbomachinery, generators, gas turbines, compressors and engines. Our optimized supply chain supports you with the required parts and consumables. In addition, we have access to range of important and essential spear parts in our warehouse so that we can access it rapidly if necessary.

Our emergency field support services include: 

    1. On-site assistance, providing dedicated personnel and equipment as soon as possible
    2. Expedited supply of new parts and consumables
    3. On-site repair services
    4. On-site troubleshooting and analysis

Achieving Optimum services:

Unplanned breakdown is cost of money every year in repair or replacement and downtime. Petrotech offer engineering services on-site to assist and maintain and machinery to achieve optimum machine availability. We are here to provide the following essential on-site turbomachinery repair services at short notice, anytime, anywhere.

Fault Finding and Troubleshooting:

If you experience an emergency problem or stop with your gas engine, turbine or associated equipment, we are here to help.

From start-up issues, sudden stop, fault alarms, to unreliable operation, to vibration, temperature spread, we’ll deploy an engineer with the necessary skill, equipment and certification to resolve your issues on-site and get your equipment back up and running safety, promptly and cost-effectively. With full support from our highly skilled engineering, testing and repair teams across the country, we can troubleshoot onsite issues with minimum disruption to your operation.

Repair may be an emergency requiring immediate response to minimize downtime on your stopped emergency machines, or a necessary repair which is not preventing operation but requires attention. The first action after contacting us about emergency stope of your rotary machine is our technical support which can make an initial diagnosis and in some cases can offer possible solution or workarounds.