Overhaul Services

For maintenance and overhaul services regarding many types and brands of turbomachinery, gas turbines, generators, compressors, and motors, you can rely on Petrotech. We work with you to provide flexible and innovative solutions.


Petrotech has highly skilled and experienced personnel located around the country offering the assistance you require. We are dedicated to providing independent service, fast turnaround, and high-quality overhauls. Our service crews always work with you as a partner. We have built our reputation on rapid responsiveness and innovative solutions while incorporating all of the field- service resources of a major OEM, to become the largest independent provider of rotating equipment services.

Our overhaul services feature:

  1. Dedicated multi-skilled mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers working in partnership with you
  2. On-site inspection and services
  3. Fully-equipped tool containers
  4. Technical support offered by office-based staff

Gas Turbine Overhaul:

We provide a full range of field overhaul services like outage planning, safety planning, inspection, overhaul services, full-time engineering support, project management and parts supply. Our team operates with support from experienced engineering and technical resources to meet your operational requirements. We can do all service related to field services and repair facility including CNC, milling, sub-arc welding, change and replace the spare parts of your rotary machine.

Our goal, while always complying with all QHSE standards, is to minimize your downtime, lower your life cycle costs, and improve the overall performance of your machine. The project manager is our key for any issue to bring in Petrotech Field Services by total resources of engineering, knowledge and parts to solve any complications. We specialize in the maintenance, overhauls and servicing of Avon 1533, 1534 – MAN THM1203, THM1304- Siemens EM85, SGT100, SGT200, SGT300, SGT400, SGT600, TA & TB gas turbines and their associated equipment.

Gas Engine Overhaul:

Gas and Diesel engine repair and maintenance is one of the core services of Petrotech. Skilled engineers and mechanics with workshop and experience know where to look and where to start trouble-shooting any engine. With deep technical and engineering skills, we are able to quickly analyze requirements and get down to completing the job. Our overhaul program for you:

  1. Provide an economic solution adjusted to your needs
  2. Serves as a timesaving replacement procedure to minimize engine downtime
  3. Supplied all spare parts and others replacement equipment
  4. Upgrade products and ensure top engine performance level and reliability
  5. Provides revised engine with latest available technology
  6. updated wiring system
  7. perform engine test and provided test report