Relocation of Installed Turbomachinery Equipment

We are well-equipped and experienced in relocating installed turbomachinery equipment. This is usually done in conjunction with a plant service that includes dismantling, relocation and reassembling. Petrotech gives you fast, low-cost service. 

Our Facilities

We have facilities and required knowledge to provide engineering solutions for any type of turbomachinery relocation. Relocation and re-installation solutions of existing machinery or equipment can be performed much faster and smoother compared to an OEM to manufacture new equipment, giving you a commercial advantage to obtain an operational plant faster and at a lower cost.

We provide the following services:

  1. Assistance in procurement of previously run equipment
  2. Dismantling at the existing site
  3. Transport either to the workshop for overhaul or directly to the new site
  4. Engineering solutions for retrofits/upgrades/performance enhancements
  5. Complete overhaul of units including all replacement parts as needed
  6. On-site installation and re-assembly
  7. Start up and commissioning services
  8. Assistance in commissioning and operations

Our key advantages:

  1. A dedicated staff of industry professionals who assist you from plant inception through startup, commissioning, operation, and maintenance
  2. Field experts and engineering staff help you with relocating, timing, engineering, implementation, installation, commissioning, and operations
  3. Procurement, retrofit, and delivery of used equipment to dramatically decrease both costs and the time required to develop a new plant

We are a stable and experienced partner for all your relocation requirements.