Turbomachinery services team

Petrotech turbomachinery services team deliver the right service solutions for your gas turbine, steam turbine, generator, engine or compressor to increase efficiency, reliability and flexibility throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets. From modernization and upgrades, field services, monitoring and diagnostics, lifetime extensions to increase assurance of inspection or overhaul turbomachinery services, we team up with you to achieve optimal performance and maximize success.


You will always get solutions and service products designed to suit your individual needs. we can assist you with everything from spear parts and training, to refurbishment and upgrades of old equipment and maintenance of existing installations. We strive to provide the best service to you as a customer.

Our Facilities

We have access to comprehensive knowledge and experience by highly skilled and qualified to maintenance, services, site management and site relocation of gas/steam turbines, gas/diesel engines and gas/air compressor. A customer-centric mindset is at the foundation of what we do. You can trust to our power service team as a high ability group and we are deeply committed to your success and to working together with you every step of the way. We’ve invested in building our local service resources in your region so we can understand your unique operating environment and deliver flexible services solutions that increase efficiency of your machine.

Engineering Solution:

Petrotech delivers smart, customized solutions for our clients’ service needs. we can find a solution quickly and safety for your facility, all while working carefully to meet client needs with the best lifelong value of rotary machines. Our extensive engineering team and technical capabilities, combined with our world class maintenance experience, allow us to offer the same advanced technology used in types of rotary machines such as gas turbine, compressor or engine. By applying Petrotech engineering and solution team improvements and product upgrades, we can help extend the operating life and improve the performance of your installed rotating and reciprocating equipment.