About Us

Petrotech is one of the most powerful suppliers, as well as services provider and repairs in the field of electrical and instrumentation and mechanical engineering.

Petrotech with 20 years’ background, has a workshop of 5,500 m2 and 3 offices in Tehran and Ahvaz (Oil and gas and petrochemical industries) and an office in Germany.

( Activity )

Turbomachinery:Steem and Gas Turbine – Turbo Compressor – Turbo Generator – Diesel and Gas Enjine  - Electro Motor – Pomp – Turbo Charger


1-      Oil & gas

Procurement: (P)

Supplying oil, gas, and petrochemical goods in all its three divisions – electrical, instrumentation and mechanical devices- as listed below in detail:

It is worth mentioning that while Petrotech has its own office in Germany, it has the capability to directly provide its customers with their required goods from the original sources without the hassle of middlemen.

The scope of the company’s procurement department is, but not limited to the following articles:

1)      Brands like ABB, SIEMENS, R. Stahl AG, Fluke, FLIR systems, … for electrical equipment.

2)      Brands like Emerson, Siemens, Bently‑Nevada, AMETEK, … for instrumentation.

3)      Mechanical goods are categorized to the following sub-groups;

•  Gas turbine spare parts for brands like: Allison, Cameron Intl. (formerly Cooper Cameron Corp.), GEC (UK), Dresser‑Rand, GE‑Nuovo Pignone, GE, MAN Turbo, Mitsubishi, Motor Sich, Nevsky Zavod, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Solar, Toshiba, Werkspoor N.V., Westinghouse, Zorya-Mashproekt.

•  Gas engine spare parts for brands like: Wärtsilä, Clarke, Dresser‑Rand.

•  Gas compressor spare parts for brands like: Atlas Copco, BORSIG, BroomWade, Burton Corblin, Clarke, Cooper, Delaval, Demag, Dresser‑Rand, Elliott, G.H.H. Rand, Hitachi, Howden, Ingersoll-Rand, Joy, Nevmach, Nuovo Pignone, SIAD, Siemens, Solar, Sulzer, Sumy, Sundyne, Thermodyn, YORK, Westinghouse.

•  Turbo chargers from Napier and ABB

•  Various types of seamless pipes.

•  Various types of flanges like: Weld neck, Socket weld, Slip On, Blind, etc.

•  Different types of fittings like: Elbow, Reducer, Tee, Cross, Outlet.(forse and BW)

•  Various types of valves like: Gate Valve, Cheek Valve, etc.

4)      Brands like: ABB, Siemense, Schorch, etc. for electrical motors.


Machine Installation and Commissioning (including supervision)

Machine installation and commissioning as a key part of putting the machine into service can be an investment in the machine´s serviceability and reliability for its entire service life.All tasks carried out on the machines are recorded, delivered to the user and also filed for further reference if needed

Installation procedures

A suitable rigid and safe cradle must be provided for proper machine seating, as well as a clutch ensuring the safe transmission of torque from the driving to the driven equipment. Our engineers check whether the clutch allows the required axial and radial clearances to compensate for the thermal dilation of the machines and the bearing lift in sliding bearings.

Main tasks carried out:

  1. Visual inspection of the cradle
  2. Inspection of the clutch
  3. Proper machine axial alignment checking and correction
  4. Checking the main and auxiliary electric circuit connection
  5. Checking the cooling circuit connection
  6. Checking the lubricating circuit connection


Mechanical and electrical installations are inspected first to check whether the required parameters are kept. Subsequently, all auxiliary and supervisory circuits required for machine starting and operation are checked.

Main tasks carried out:

  1. Visual inspection of the main cable terminals
  2. Check of the cooling and lubricating systems
  3. Electrical measurement and check of all the machine´s wiring
  4. Testing and calibrating setup parameters
  5. Protection testing
  6. Excitation system and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) setting
  7. Checking the idle running, load running and connecting the generator phases to the grid
  8. Checking the operating parameters – load sharing, checking operating temperatures and vibrations

As soon as the parameters are set and the correct operation tested and confirmed the commissioning work is considered completed and the equipment is handed over to the customer with a record (description of the work, set values, summary, recommendations for the future use of the machines).

Maintenance Services: (M)

Petrotech is qualified to undertake oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation and transmission related facilities’ technical maintenance.

Relying on its rich experience in repairing, overhaul and maintenance of various types of gas turbines, gas engines and gas compressors, Petrotech has the ability to coordinate and manage technical teams – even from the most reliable European oil and gas companies. Relying on its qualified domestic expert staff & independent from foreign technicians, Petrotech has also been able to perform maintenance in all complicacy levels - hence it has paced in the pass to the country’s economic self-sufficiency.

“Petrotech is qualified to take part in domestic and international tenders and sign contracts with both natural and legal entities in both aforementioned disciplines”

1-      Water

2-      Power generation

3-      Pulp & Paper


1-   Operational Excellence: “With an emphasis on operating efficiency, asset management and customer satisfaction, Operational Excellence serves as Petrotech’s cornerstone strategy. We are constantly striving to act faster and better. It is essential to Petrotech’s cost-driven businesses, adds significant value to its differentiated businesses, and is instrumental in improving the performance of recently acquired businesses.”

2-   Strategic Acquisitions: “Petrotech is an active and disciplined business acquirer. It has a focused acquisition strategy, a thorough due diligence process and a proven ability to quickly integrate newly acquired businesses.”

3-   Customer partnership: “Together, we win.”

4-   Committed people: “We build on the strengths and diversity of our people.”

5-   Technology leadership

6-   Outstanding services

7-   Continuous operational improvements

8-   Collaborative advantage


Petrotech has implemented certified management systems to assess and assure legal compliance and Petrotech standards as well as to continuously improve processes, products, and services.

For Petrotech, sustainability is about balancing economic success, environmental stewardship and social progress to benefit all our stakeholders. Sustainability is part of Petrotech's corporate strategy and business success.       (pic o certificate)


Petrotech Co., with the help of experienced and experienced managers, is committed to building excellent relationships with customers and responding as soon as possible and better to dear applicants. The management and excellent relationships between departments have accelerated Petrotech affairs.