. Petrotech is founded in 1999 with the aim of providing service to governmental and private sector in Oil & Gas and petrochemical industry in Ahwas which is located in the heart of Oil & Gas Field in IRAN and considered as strategic zone for mentioned industry. Petrotech primarily started its activity in Mechanical components sector and supplying piping material in a wide range.

  . Petrotech has expanded services to end users by supplying instrumentation in 2001.

  . Petrotech Tehran office is stablished in 2004 regarding commercial development. Meanwhile Ahwaz office has been doing business as well. In addition, procurement of electrical equipment is started in 2004.

  We started procurement of compressor spare part in the field of Mechanical instrument in 2006.

  . Petrotech first maintenance work shop (250 square meter) is stablished with the aim of expanding its services to clients in 2008 in Ahwaz which is golden zone for Oil & Gas companies.

  . Petrotech developed its activities in Procurement, Commissioning and Maintenance in Gas Compressors according to client need with more connection in international market network in 2009.

  . Our work shop area increased to 1200 square meter in order to provide services to increasing customer regarding Gas       compressors in 2012

  . Petrotech with the aim of environmental protection and safety succeed to get ISOs 2001 and 29001 in 2012.
  . We wanted to provide our services in a short time with better spare parts regarding quality and decided to stablish Our office in Germany in 2012.
  . The complete set of activities in the rotary machine (mechanical) sector is also completed and is ready to meet every need of the market and the applicant.

  . Petrotech succeed to achieve important certificates from; “Association of Control and Instrumentation Engineers of Iran”, “Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Iran” and “Qualification Certificate from the Ministry of Petroleum Engineering Deputy Directorate for Research and Technology” in 2014.
  . With the goal of better quality services and better expansion of company departments, Petrotech Tehran's administrative building has been moved to the best of urban areas and 5 storeys.
  . Our workshops have been upgraded to 5500 square meters with all facilities, special tools and accommodation for technical team in 2017.
  . Petrotech is designed to improve the quality of communication with clients as well as the better functioning of the industrial market. We succeed to achieve all the required ISOs (ISO 9001-29001-14001-18001 / IMS / HSE-MS) and will work towards further communication.

  . We are decisive to expand our abilities in larger and wider span of supply, repair, engineering and maintenance in following years.
  . We are planning to take participate in Tehran Oil show in May 2018 which is one of the biggest and important Oil & Gas exhibition in the world. History of this exhibition goes back to 23 years ago.
  . Petrotech has a history of cooperation with Oil and Gas in Governmental & Private sector in engine and compressors overhaul projects. We are going to expand our business to other types of turbomachinery such as turbo generators, electro motors, turbo chargers and pumps as well as expanding our clients to other sectors and fields of activity such as power generation engines and steam turbines, Gas turbine, marine engines, aircraft turbojet engine and turbines, etc.