Petrotech started its activity in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry in 1999. As a key role player in turbomachinery service, it’s in Petrotech’s vision to become the fastest, the most assuring and the most reliable partner in its services; Procurement, Repair, & Maintenance department. In addition, we aim to be a reliable source for our customer in Condition Monitoring System regarding our Services. Petrotch is going to be one the well-known sources in Instrumentation department in Oil & Gas Industry as well.

   Unlike Petrotech, other competitors have bound themselves to a handful of models of only one type of turbomachinery of one or maximum two brands. Petrotech’s advantage over its competitor is that it doesn’t bound itself to a particular model of a specific brand of a certain type of machinery. When it comes to turbomachinery, Petrotech simply should never say no. But it shouldn’t stop there just as a motto. Petrotech is decisive to hit the Oil & Gas market with the help of knowledgeable personnel and arm of current staff with state of the art technical knowledge and grade A equipment available to the global market, regular market scanning and well-organized planning & programing in order to always be one step ahead of other active traditional companies.

    The maintenance services provided by the technical department to the end user is relying on the knowledge and experience of its local staff of well-trained service engineers. Petrotech is able to noticeably reduce the final price of its provided service in comparison to other competitors. In fact, the company’s services have the most efficiency in a fashion that not only the industrial end user would be benefiting from its superior services, but also its competitors would become its potential clients as well.

    As the result of Petrotech’s superiority in technical knowledge of know-how, its close ties with OEMs and the strength of its business ties with manufacturers, Petrotech would become most beneficent and the first rational choice for an EPC company who wants to outsource its turbomachinery overhaul project.

    Petrotech has several teams of professionals each dedicated to a separate model of a turbomachinery brand. Petrotech marketing team does regular complete market scans to find out the quantity of each model of all currently available brands of all types of turbomachinery installed in any of the possible client facilities nationwide and their respective operational condition, to know about the date when their next overhaul is due. When it comes to a tender, the outcome information of such a survey, in addition to its knowledge about other market players, would put Petrotech in the lead of the other competitors.

    Petrotech with the help of potential international partners and joints is going to empower company to perform machinery condition monitoring and root cause analysis of any possible failures. In the next step, a separate team of well-trained experts undertake all steps of condition monitoring tasks in Projects.

    The control system department will be able to undertake all required aspects of turbo machinery control and instrumentation installing and operation tasks. In addition, our aim is being able to install and calibrate all sorts of instrumentation (e.g. flow, temperature, pressure, level, … sensors and transmitters) in common ranges in turbomachinery. Renovation and modernization of aged turbomachinery control systems with currently available technology (e.g. PLC, DCS, dedicated turbine control systems like SPPA-R3000 control, bus communication and PC based control and monitoring) will be the routine service available for Petrotech’s clients.

    Petrotech has a history of cooperation with Governmental & Private sector key players in Oil and Gas industry, in engine and compressor overhaul projects.

   Prtotech is going to expand its business to other types of turbomachinery such as Turbo Generators, Compressors, Electro motors, Turbo Chargers and Pumps as well as expanding its clients to other sectors and fields of activity such as Power Generation Engines, Gas and Steam Turbines dedicated to both electrical power generation and mechanical drive, Marine Engines, Aircraft Turbojet Engine and Turbines, and their offshore versions etc. …

    Growing the domain of Petrotech clients out of national borders is one of its priorities. In the first step the Iraqi market seems within its reach, during the first year of its operation. Next steps of the company’s expansion would probably include Azerbaijan, Kuwait and other GCC countries as well as Pakistan. Central Asian countries would consist the target for further steps of its growth plan.

    Petrotech with the help of needed certificates is going to be in the vendor list of all Oil & Gas companies in a near future.

   Relying on our well-equipped work shop, experienced local technicians, know-how transfer and valuable international links, we will be able to manufacture primary spare parts in following years.

    Petrotech is determined to remain a reliable and accountable source for its invaluable clients in long-lasting win-win business relationship and fasten its ties stronger with Oil & Gas industry day by day with perseverance, hardworking team, trustful international joints.