As an ultimate goal, Petrotech strives to provide its customers with state of the art technology and service in turbo machinery in both procurement, repair and maintenance. Our well trained and experienced local staff, well equipped workshop and expertise makes trusting Petrotech with all sorts of your turbomachinery a no-brainer. Be it turbo generator, gas or steam turbine, engine, compressor or electromotor of any brand, size or model and their respective control systems, its preventive and predictive maintenance, system overhaul and relocation is within Petrotech’s knowledge of know-how and defined scope of work. It simply never says no to any challenges.

    Petrotech’s offices in Tehran, Ahwaz and Germany gives it the ability to keep close contact with both its clients and the OEMs. Its workshop in Ahwaz is close enough to serve clients across borders in Iraq, Kuwait and other GCC countries.

   Our well-equipped workshop in Ahwaz is located in the heart of Iran’s oil fields. It is accessible by both transit road and railway and has a short route to Ahwaz Intl. airport. Khorramshahr Port is also less than half an hour worth of driving. This makes Petrotech able to reduce its overhead budget and delivery time when it comes to off-site service.

  Thanks to its licensed service engineers and international ties with its foreign partners, Petrotech doesn’t bound itself to a particular brand or model. It also is open for manufacturers, vendors and OEMs for joint collaborations.

    Relying on its engineers’ knowledge of systems, its machinery and its ties with manufacturing industry, Petrotech can provide its clients with duplicate parts for outdated turbomachinery. Petrotech can also renovate their respective control systems with modern PLC / PC based control systems or dedicated systems.

   Petrotech can also provide condition monitoring services for its clients. Its resident experts can install special sensors on the device being monitored and with investigating the information logged into the monitoring system’s memory, they would be able to provide our clients with a complete “root cause analysis” of the machinery’s condition, troubleshoot its current problems or prevent possible future failures from happening, saving them considerable amount of time and capital.

  We are decisive to remain accountable to our customers regarding our services and looking forward to a good business relationship in Oil & Gas industry.