The HSE-PLAN is a documentary of the safety, health and environment plan that all contractors must provide to the employer at the time of bidding as a part of their technical proposal. This guideline has two main parts as follows: 

A)   Text inside the box: The requirements of each part of the HSE PLAN obligations are explained in this section so that contractors should consider the demands of this section in defining the relevant requirements.

B)   Text outside the box:

There are samples of above requirements in this section that can be used as guideline.

HSE PLAN is a dynamic document that should be reviewed during the implementation of the contract.

One of the main parts of this plan is the control of operations that is included operational aspects of the plan from equipped up to dismantle the workshop.

In this section some hazardous activities and operations that need to be controlled have been identified in three areas: safety, health and environment.

It should be noted headlines of this section of plan regarding to size and nature of contract need changed and should be reviewed.

The purpose of the safety, health and environment plan that hereafter is named HSE PLAN is explaining and clarifying all activities affecting safety, health and environment for preventing accidents, financial losses, occupational diseases, employer, subcontractors and all stakeholders, and causing environmental damage and improving the performance of the HSE in the project. This plan is the basis for the safety, health and environment management system in the project. 

1-    HSE Policy

  Preventing accidents and controlling physical injuries,
 financial and environmental damage in the project and efforts to    provide a safe working environment, protecting employees, equipment and the environment, providing facilities and allocating required resources.
  Ensure compliance with standards, company regulations, and acceptable safety instructions relevant to HSE
  Establishment of a systematic management framework for controlling HSE status of company and sub-contractors as well as promoting the level of HSE culture
  Promoting HSE awareness and Knowledge of everyone in project
  Provide deliberative space and persuade employees to observe HSE considerations and try to prevent bodily, financial, and environmental damage consequences.
  Provide public HSE trainings to improve public awareness of HSE issues
  Institutionalizing the Incident Reporting Culture as well as reviewing and announcing the results to employees, contractors and employer
  Continuous monitoring of all operating activities so that managers, heads, supervisors and authorities are responsible for implementing HSE rules and regulations in their regulatory environment. 

2-    Organization chart (HSE) 

This company records incidents in the project in order to manage the accidents in the project as well as prevent the occurrence of predictable incidents and repeat incidents in the project.
Sample of recording and analysing incidents system is as follows:

For this purpose, the company has a procedure for registering incidents, reporting and managing occurrence according to the flowchart:

procedures of doing works in incident time/ serious and harmful occurrence