we are Professional and have knowledge about turbo machines


  1. Membership in Iran Project Management Association
  2. Membership in Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers
  3. Membership in Iran Maintenance Association
  4. Contractor Qualification Certificate 

Petrotech with above certificates shows that it is a knowledge-based company that can manage its projects based on current knowledge and standards.

Guaranty & warranty:

we are doing our best to offer the highest quality goods and services. We offer outstanding quality service with using skillful and professional workforces so we can Provides the best and highest guaranty and warranty standards with confidence.


We can dispatch your commodities with possession three offices in Germany,Tehran, Ahwaz without any intermediary at the best price and within shortest periods of time to the desired destination.

Our priority is reducing costs without affecting quality.


In order to customers' satisfaction, we provide high quality services with using professional workforces. Petrotech, can do all repairs in the best quality and within shortest period of time by complete and up-to-date equipment as well as trained skillful and professional staff.

Direct cooperation with international companies such as:


PETROTECH has a long history in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals. For many years, PETROTECH Company has a direct relationship with FAURE HERMAN Company and performs all services provided, including purchase, installation and commissioning, in cooperation with this company and under their supervision.

Having an office based in Germany contributes to this cooperation and the relations between the two companies are defined and developed in accordance with international standards.

Our working relationship with FAURE HERMAN Company has led to the completion of many projects in the country as well as in Europe.

Therefore, PETROTECH Company announces its readiness to provide complete products and services of FAURE HERMAN Company. And assures its customers that quality products and installation services are included in the company's warranty.